I love fonts! Not sure why… maybe it’s because they are free and add so much personality and variety to a page.

If you are concerned about your digital books not being personal enough, then consider spending $50 to have your handwriting made into a font. Handwriting Font

Installing fonts is easier than it use to be (or maybe I just didn’t know about this).

1. Go to a website such as Dafont or search for a free fonts website

2. Select a font

3. Click download

4. Go to your File Manager and open Downloads

5. Double-click on the font file to unzip it

6. Double click on the font file and a box should open which shows a sample of the font

7. Click on Install

Here are several fonts I recently downloaded: Janda Everyday Casual  GeeohHmk Leokadia Deco  The Janda font is very similar to the handwriting of an acquaintance so I sent the link to her. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one that looks familiar and you can save the $50:).

But wait, there’s more. You can also download shape and design fonts and turn them into beautiful elements. I’ve attached a sample using Damask Dings uppercase A. After flattening it, I added gradient color, texture, dimension and shadow. It only took a minute or two and best of all, it was free.