Before you click on “Order,” be sure your album is completely ready!

1. Flatten photos that have the warning symbol on them. For some reason, it increases the quality of the photo.

2. Copy and paste all of your journaling into Word and reread it while checking for errors. Somehow seeing it in a different context may help to catch mistakes.

3. Double check the details on each page and also confirm the page order.

For the Cover…

1. Click on “View” and “Front Cover” to see exactly what will be on the cover. Create your cover or rearrange what’s already there if necessary.

2. Click on “Spine” and add a title that you will be able to see while the book is standing on a shelf. I typically use a very plain, clear font. Be sure you flip the title so that it will be right-side-up when the book is laying face up (Arrange, Rotate 90 degrees clockwise). Make the text box for the title the same size as the revealed spine section. Zoom in for accuracy.

3. Insert a signature on the back cover perhaps something like the example below.

Click on the “File” tab, “Order” and continue to follow the directions. CM recommends that you check the pages once they have been uploaded to the Digital Center. It’s worth the time and money to check it all again!

Do not do this when you are tired! If you’re a morning person like me, then 10:00 pm is not the time to finalize an album.