My sister-in-law’s niece came up with the adorable term “paint nolish” for those little bottles that are loved by girls of all ages.

I’m not sure why we love to paint our nails but somehow Katie and I have amassed quite a collection of colors from all over the rainbow. Perhaps it’s because, like hair styles and hair color, it’s something we can afford to change frequently.

Yesterday morning as we were scurrying to get out the door, I wanted to quickly paint my toe nails. OPI’s Rose at Dawn and Cara Mia Crimson have been my favorite colors for many years but my daughter suggested I try a new color. After paint nolishing with Come to Poppy, it immediately rose to the #1 position.

I could not write about nail polish and leave out Essie’s 3-way glaze. This is the best base and topcoat that we have ever used. I frequently quickly brush it on my naked nails on Sunday morning seeing as the drive into town is long enough for the polish to dry well and leave a nice shine. My son jokes that if I’m walking around with my fingers protectively pointing up (like a doctor who has scrubbed for surgery), and asking others to grab my purse and Bible then it certainly must be time to leave for church.