There are so many free fonts available that it seems silly to pay for one but my daughter found Lavanderia and was able to buy it for one dollar. It was too pretty to pass up. Unfortunately, it’s an Open Type font and with CM you can only use True Type fonts. There is a way, however, to get around it.

1. Type the word(s) you want in Word. Set the font size rather large so you’ll get good quality.

2. Using the Word Snipping Tool (I keep the icon on the bottom of my screen) hilight the word(s).

3. In the Snipping Tool window, click Edit, Copy or click on the copy icon. Go to the CM page you are working on and click Paste.

4. Select the word(s) you just pasted in and click on Cut & Fill, Wand, click on the white background around the word and inside any letters as needed and delete all the white. Now you have your word(s) as an element and you change the color, or add effects as desired.

Note: With the wand tool you can select more than one area at a time by holding down the Shift key. Also, if you want to fine tune the background removal, zoom in to 200%. Anything that looks good at 200% will look even better at 100%!

Attached is “A Day at the Beach” which was made using Lavanderia. Be sure to save it as a png file so that the background will be transparent.