One of my friends and customers asked me recently about cutting a scalloped edge. I was kind of surprised that she would ask me this but then I realized that the fancy edges are hidden under the “Straight” option of the “Cut and Fill” tab. Turns out you can cut a pretty straight line (punny, I know) with just a few clicks.


Going back through pages already made, I found a straight line that needed some prettying up. I chose the half-circle shape and moved the other options around until I found the look I wanted. If you click “cut” and decide you don’t like it, the “undo” button is your go-to friend. It’s in the upper right corner, right above the ruler and looks like a squared off u-turn.

This page was made using the Love Digital Kit. What’s not to love about Savannah’s azaleas in spring? The font is GeeohHmk.

To make a dotted circle: Insert, Content Shape, from Art Kit, Circle, Fill – transparent, Line Color – your choice, Line Width – 1/4″, Compound Style – solid line, Dash Style – dotted, Dash Caps – round.