Copying a page from a comic book would be a fun challenge for a very unique scrapbook page. I don’t recall where this came from, but this is how it all got started:

You’ll have to message me to get the blueprint in a usable form but this is what it looks like.

Once you have this on a page, you can insert photos, change some of the photos to paper, add any embellishment and add some word bubbles. (There is one glitch: even with a phone call to CM, I have not been able to figure out how to make a unique photo shape so once you have completed the page, you will need to flatten and trim the photos that overlap onto a nearby photo. This really bothers me but I have an idea of how to fix it although it would be quite involved. I think I could create my own shape and use it as a transparent mat – maybe I’ll get around to trying that some day.)

To make the word bubble: Insert tab, shape, from art kit, Geometric, select bubble of your choice, fill: white, line color: black, line width: 3 pt. Create. Tweak the size and ratio as desired.

To add text: Insert tab, text, create, font: Lafayette Comic Pro. To format text: Format text, text shape, select shape same as word bubble, double click to select.

To make the text fit in the bubble: select text element, then bubble element, arrange tab, make same size and line up horizontally and vertically.

If you try this, I want to see how it turns out. In fact, I need to try it, too!