Yes, I have already posted about the Snipping Tool twice (fonts and scraplifting) but if you are not using it, let me reintroduce you. Microsoft has a short video showing how it works. Be sure to read the FAQ so you will fully understand its benefits. While reviewing the video just now, I learned about features that I wasn’t even using. I hadn’t paid enough attention to realize that I could save a snip as a jpeg – that will come in very handy!snip toolThe Snipping Tool is on the Task Bar at the bottom of my screen because I use it so often. In my family, we email birthday and anniversary greetings and with 33 of us (and growing!) there are a lot of greetings going around! Gmail doesn’t offer enough fonts for my taste so creating a greeting in Word, and then snipping and pasting it directly into an email, is the perfect option.karenSnipping is an easy way to email Facebook posts to friends and family who are not on Facebook.

And, finally, if you are a digital scrapbooker and you want to use a technique from another post in my blog, you can snip and paste it onto the page you are working on. Obviously, this will save going back and forth.instructionsDo you like the Snipping Tool as much as I do?