text wrap threeSometimes Text Wrapping just doesn’t seem to do exactly what I want it to. Basically, the text box has to be below the element around which it is wrapped on the Elements list on the left side of the screen. Select both the text box and the element, then select the Format tab, Text Wrapping, Element Shape (or Bounding Box if you prefer but that’s too boxy and defeats the whole purpose, in my opinion), the amount of space between the two elements, OK.

However, sometimes the element does not have nice smooth edges (my dot frame) and this will make the text edge choppy. text wrap oneTo trick the system, make a shape with smooth edges. Select the new shape and the text and set up the text wrapping. text wrap two

When you’re positive that it’s written exactly the way you want it, flatten the text box (you will not be able to make any changes after flattening so you may want to make a copy and set it off to the side first) and then delete the temporary shape.

text wrap four