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I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: I use CM for way more than scrapbooking! Katie found a very cute skirt sold by J Crew but the skirt was too short and the price tag was rather high (especially for a seamstress). Of course, I looked at it and said, “I could make that.” It is just two squares with pockets and an elastic waist. For this skirt, I went to the extra trouble of making a scalloped hem which is very popular with Lilly Pulitzer clothes this summer. Perhaps I could have just taken some mugs or bowls and traced along a line to make the scallop pattern but it was more fun to create it using CM.

The process… print the pattern twice, cut up the middle, cut out the scallops, tape the pieces together overlapping the scallops, finish the straight hem with the serger before turning it to the right side, pin the hem (rights sides together), trace the scalloped hem with a pencil, sew along the pencil lines, trim the fabric, turn right side out and press.

Fullscreen capture 04152013 31728 PM.bmp

It was a bit of extra work but well worth it considering the final cost was only about $15.IMG_0228