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carving woodA title on the Creative Memories Go Digital Fan Page on Facebook looked like it had been routered out of the wood and so I took up the challenge to duplicate the effect.

Insert 2 pieces of wood (Digital Embellishments – Elements, Wood Texture). Create the title (Insert tab, Text, I used the Impact font) and flatten it to top piece (select both holding the Shift Key, Arrange tab, Flatten) and then remove the title using the Wand (Cut & Fill Tab, Wand, hold the Shift key to select each letter, Cut). Add a 3D filter (Format tab) with the following settings: Amount 128, Softness 5, Width 10, Apply. Add a heavy shadow (Format tab). Flatten (Arrange tab). Add a heavy shadow again. Flatten. Add a heavy shadow from the opposite direction (Format tab, Shadow options). Make the second piece of wood darker (Color tab, Brightness & Light, slide Brightness to the left as far as you want.)