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writing in the sandSome time ago, one of my friends asked me to help her create a title on a photo of the beach that looked like it had been written in the sand. I don’t recall exactly how it turned out but I recently took some time to come up with something which is hopefully a bit better.

Create the Title: Insert Tab, Text Shape, Text: your title, Font: Segoe Print in Bold and Italics, Fill: Fill the shape with a solid color, sample the sand in your photo and then click on HSB and make it darker, Line Color (Outline): Sample, match the sand and use HSB to make it a little bit darker, Line Width: 3/16″, Create. (The Line Width or Outline should be set so that the basic title is totally visible but still as narrow as possible. This will vary with the length of the title and the font, if you choose to use a different one.)

Separate the letters from the outline: Cut & Fill Tab, Wand, hold down Shift key to select each letter, Keep Both Areas, Cut.

Select the outline. Format Tab, Surface, Concrete, Magnification and Contrast to the far right, OK. Format Tab, Filters, 3D: Amount 80, Softness 100, Width 20, Apply.

Flatten the lettering and the outline together: Select one then hold Shift key to select the other, Arrange Tab, Flatten. Format Tab, Filters, Soften Edge: 25, Apply.

Keep in mind that you may need/want to tweak the settings that are suggested. Please post your results if you try this technique!